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 Welcome to the FRED REGER AUCTIONS web site.
Please take the time to browse through the various pages to learn more about us, You will discover we bring more to the table than just auctioneering.
We are a commercial auction company serving Real Estate, Lien Enforcement Clients, and Contracting with other auction companies for auctioneering, and consulting services.


Benefit auctions are one of our specialties, we provide "consultation to auctioneering", our goal and success has been in helping organizations to make money, and more than planned. Our MISSION is Working for your CAUSE

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BUYING REAL ESTATE AT AUCTIONS An EASY to Understand, COMFORTABLE & FUN Process! Chuck Boles, The Chuck & Buddy Group, Ltd. REALTOR®/Auctioneer (VA 1867) Fred Reger, Fred Reger Auctions, Inc. (VA 397) Auctioneers often hear comments or questions regarding the MYSTERY of REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS! Guess What? Real Estate Auctions have been around for thousands of years. Time tested and effective, the Auction method is fast becoming the # 1 favorite way for selling and buying real estate. In fact, over 90% of all properties sold in the world are by the Auction Method! And, it’s predicted that, by 2010, over 30% of all real estate sold in the United States will be by Auction.